Player Analysis

It’s widely noted by now that Charlie Adam is integral to the team, so here is an article I wrote about him in January 2011.

Charlie Adam Blackpool’s number 26

However, one player certainly doesn’t make a team, so here’s a few thoughts about the other players.

Class of 2010/11

At the beginning of the Premiership season Blackpool were looking a little short of numbers. A flurry of activity before the deadline ensured a bunch of new players turned up at Bloomfield. Over time this will grow in to a collection of reports about the players in the Premiership squad detailing their strengths, weaknesses and analysing their performances.

Elliot Grandin – What does he bring to the team?

New to the squad this season signing on from CSKA Sofia is the Frenchman Elliot Grandin. He’s been a first choice since week one of the season and here’s a little article about his performances so far.

Goalscoring by DJ Campbell

Not the only source of goals for Blackpool but the most obvious goalscorer in the ranks. How does DJ Campbell score his goals?

Focus on the full backs

What role do Blackpool’s full backs play in Holloway’s system with a particular focus on left back, Stephen Crainey.

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